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02/22/08 07:59 PM #1    

Lena Downing (Handy)

Welcome to the Northumberland High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/02/08 12:01 PM #2    

Lena Downing (Handy)

Hey Classmates. This is a great way to keep in touch. Please reach out and let others know about our site. Please also encourage them to complete their profiles. Thanks.

03/07/08 10:47 AM #3    

Kathy Simmons (Shirilla)

Hey Everyone,
This is a great way to keep in touch with everyone.

I tracked Cindy Spavin down last night, by way of her sister. Cindy is fighting cancer, living in Georgia. She has recently started a new chemo drug and could use all the prayers she could get. She was also interested in what news I knew about our classmates. I guess that we talked about an hour. Recognized her voice right off the bat.

Her contact information is as follows:
Cindy Martz
108 Veazey St.
Union Point, GA 30669

Let's all get behind her with this. She has a very supportive church and is getting a lot of prayers from her fellow members, but she needs ours too. She is very much at peace with what is going on in her life.

Kathy Shirilla

03/08/08 04:57 PM #4    

Kathy Simmons (Shirilla)

Come on people!!!!! Look over the profile list, surely the list will trigger the memory with someone that you know how to get in touch with. Let's get behind this. This site is only as good as we make it. Let's make this the best site out there. For some who live far away or aren't able to get out much, this could get them in touch with people they haven't seen in many years.

Kathy Shirilla

03/11/08 08:05 AM #5    

Debra Walker (Dise)

Hey There! Just want to say Hello! to all the other classmates out there in cyberspace. Who knew this would be the way to communicate when we were in school! My kids have no concept of how "archaic" it was for us...hahaha.
Prayers go out to Cindy and her family.
May God Bless all of you . Debbie

09/11/12 11:47 PM #6    

Charles Holden


Thanks to everyone who attended the cookout at Sharon's home.  A special thanks to the Association Programs and Activities Committee lead by Brenda, Chairperson, for a super job coordinating and executing a superb event.  A special thanks also for Sharon for hosting this joyous event and taking several different groups on the "water ride of their lives" :) I cannot wait to see the pictures, especially the one where I got my "butt" kicked all over the horse shoe throwing pits.  Overall, thank everyone who attended to include the new found friends in the West Point area.  Eagerly looking forward to the next event......and I promise not to be late :)  I cannot say thanks too much to those special members who always end up taking care of their President and you know who you are :)


Be blessed,



09/03/15 12:10 PM #7    

Tish Kelly (Butler)

Big Thanks to Sharon and the Alumni Class Board for the 2015 Picnic!!


I just want to give a few shout outs to Sharon Keyser and her amazing hubby Dr. Phil Hylemon....and to Charles/Chuck Holden, Brenda Bullock, Lena Downing-Handy and all those who pitched in to make the August 2015 picnic at Sharon's River House in West Point, VA a huge success (and when I say "huge", I'm talking Donald Trump huge, as in.....Huuuuuuuuge!)


It was a perfect river-side location on an unbelievably perfect day....not steamy hot as is the usual case in a Virginia August.  Charles' great photos capture how big and happy the crowd was. The food was excellent (thx again to Brenda, Lena etc.).  The "cornhole" game and the hula hoop were pumpin'.  The joy and camaraderie were palpable.  The NHS girls' championship basketball team was well-represented!  People who were skinny are now ample....people who were shy are out of their shells.  People were people, not races.  And, to the best of my knowledge, everyone felt good about celebrating our shared high school history.


So, thanks to all for making it happen!  Love,  Tish



09/03/15 12:31 PM #8    

Tish Kelly (Butler)

PS,  I should have especially noted that Cal (90) and Ruth (82) Keyser were there, whooping it up with the rest of us like kids!!! 

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